How is a project financed?

It works like this - firstly, some expenses of the recording and distribution are paid by Tracks of the Desert and some are paid by the group. Tracks of the Desert pays for the manufacturing process (ie. the actual making of the CDs and tapes, which, at present costs about $2800-$3400 for 500 CDs and 500 tapes), as well as the cover design by a graphic artist, promotion of the album, distribution and administration (such as accounting and stock records). The artists pays for the expenses up to the production of a master disc, including the recording, editing, mixing and mastering engineering time, travel expenses and equipment costs. All these different jobs take time and cost money.

As the sale of the album begins to happen, the income from the sales is split in two ways: 25% goes to the artist/group and 75% goes to Tracks of the Desert Inc. Tracks of the Desert uses it's 75% to pay for the manufacturing, cover design, distribution, marketing and administration work. In this way, Tracks of the Desert can continue to be financially sustainable and thus continue to help grow the music of Christian Indigenous musicians. At the same time, the 25% that the artist/group gets to keep provides the musicians with money from the sale of the album, that can be put towards new instruments, new albums, or completely different things.