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  • Ntaria Ladies Choir
    Ntaria Ladies Choir CD

    As seen on BigHart Namatjira Project
    Ntaria Ladies Choir CD - Tjina Kngarrav - The Best of Friends
    The latest album from one of the longest running aboriginal choirs in Australia. Produced in readiness of the new production by bigHart of the Namatjira Project. This incorporates a national 2011 tour of Namatjira which is just about the kick off. Most of the songs are in Western Arrarnta, the language of the people of the Hermannsburg area.
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  • Self Titled
    Harold Dalywaters and the Elliott Gospel Band
    Self Titled

    A collection of original songs and new versions of some 'good old favourites' feature on this new album from Harold Dalywaters. Recorded at the church house in Elliott, this album was a journey in itself. From the hot days of recording with the air conditioner off (for noise reduction), to waiting for the dog down the street to stop barking, Harold did well with also including a lot of different musicians on this album from young ones to the 'more experienced'. There is also nothing like hearing 'The Power of Your Love' with a didgeridoo.

  • Kurunpa Winkingku Walkunma
    The Ernabella Praise and Worship Singers
    Kurunpa Winkingku Walkunma

    Kurunpa Winkingku Walkunma is the second album from the Ernabella Praise and Worship singers. Their warm vocal harmonies combined with a dash of lead guitar work, make this album special. All songs are sung in Pitjantjara. Ernabella is 150 kms south-east of Uluru, (Ayers Rock), in the far north-west of South Australia.

  • Singing Walkabout
    Ernabella Aboriginal Choir
    Singing Walkabout

    This album is a remastered release of the 1966 'Singing Walkabout' album (originally released on vinyl). It is a recording of the choir during their 1966 tour to Melbourne and Adelaide as well as a number of towns. The choir sings hymns in acapella, in their own language of Pitjantjatjara. Ernabella is 150kms south-east of Uluru, (Ayers Rock), in the far north-west of South Australia.

  • God Mama Nganampa
    Apu Cross Ministries CD
    God Mama Nganampa

    The second double Album from Apu Cross Ministries, Indulkana, is packed full of 36 original new songs, ranging from duets and trios, to a full vocal group. These singers offer again their distinctive vocal harmonies. All the songs are sung in Pitjantjatjara. Indulkana is 334 kms north of Coober Pedy, in the far north-west of South Australia.

  • Jijaji
    Apu Cross Ministries CD

    This debut album from the Apu Cross Youth Ministries features songs sung by the youth in the church at Indulkana. Both original and cover songs have been recorded and the songs are sung in a variety of languages ranging from Pitjantjatjara, Yankunytjatjara, Warlpiri and English. Indulkana is 334 kms north of Coober Pedy, in the far north-west of South Australia.

  • Ilewerr Gospel Band
    Ilewerr Gospel Band
    Ilewerr Gospel

    This band hails from the small Ilewerr (or Wilora) community about halfway between Alice Springs and Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory (near Stirling Station). They deliver a homespun brand of Country Gospel music through which they glorify their Lord Jesus. The band has come together over the last five years or so, as they have learnt to play from each other. They like nothing better than to spend their days practicing; with sing alongs 'every night'!

    Most songs are in English or are instrumentals, but some songs are in their own language of Eastern Anmatyerr.

  • Murputja Gospel Singers
    Murputja Gospel Singers
    Murputja Gospel Songs

    This album brought together singers from Nyapari anad Kanypi, communities 100kms south west of Uluru. Their style is vocally strong wtih unique harmonies. This Pitjantjatjara album has mainly original songs, written by the singers themselves.

  • Only For You
    Malcolm Moore
    Only for You

    Malcolm launched his first album 'Only For You' in Alice Plaza on Wednesday 20th June. He writes and sings songs about his faith and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ amongst indigenous people. His mother started to teach him about Jesus when he was 4 years old.

  • Inma Ngayula Kututungka
    Inma Ngayula Kututungka

    A range of songs sung by Christians just south of Ernabella.